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Thank you for helping us transcribe the Chartist trial documents.

Before you begin, you will need to REGISTER to set up an account with the site. You won't be able to transcribe until you do this. 

Each page of each of over 3,000 documents is saved as an image. To tanscribe, first CHOOSE A DOCUMENT to work with.

 Before you begin transcribing:

  • Ensure that you record what you see as accurately as possible. There is some guidance on how to do this HERE
  • The document needs to be tagged to show how it appears. There is guidance on how to do that HERE.
  • There are frequently asked questions and further guidance HERE.
  • There is information about the legal terms used in the documents and other terms you may come across HERE.

Find documents to transcribe

Go back to the home page and choose a document to work on. You will need to log in to access your account and begin transcribing.