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Resources intended for use with pupils at various stages of the curriculum. Many of the resources are also suitable for use with further and higher education students. They may also be of interest to adults studying Chartism or local history.   

Community Film

Chartism: Voices for the Vote


These pages aim to give some context to the documents in our project. All the text in this part of the website is taken from the Shire Hall publication Voices for the Vote; Shire Hall and the story of Chartism in south Wales. Images are from Newport Museum and Art Gallery. The book costs £4.99 and can be obtained from Shire Hall Monmouth, Newport Museum or Gwent Archives. We are extremely grateful for their support in the project.

Chartism and the Charter

What was Chartism?

What was the People's Charter?

The South Wales Context

The cast for the Chartists

Supporting cast for the Chartists

The cast for the establishment

Chartism takes off in south Wales

Liquid inspiration

Female Patriots

Protest in the pews: pulpits and propoganda

A hero imprisoned

Petition and protest

A language of sedition...and a language of suppression

Newport Museum & Art Gallery

The Uprising

Soldiers and spies

The march

The marchers' routes

Dreadful riot and loss of life at Newport

The dead

Frightful wounds

High Treason

£100 reward for wanted men

The road to Monmouth

The Special Commission of Grand Jurors

The Trial

The treason trial

The Jury - a fair trial?

Who's Who

The Trial: The Queen v Frost and others

The trial continues

A lengthy speech


The verdict: their final doom

After the Trial

Monmouth Gaol: Life Inside

Petitions and a wedding present

To Chepstow

Transportation ...and a knighthood

Sensationalising the story

After the trial - family tragedy

Foreign fortunes

The Chartist Legacy

Modern democracy starts here

Chartism and you

Revolution or Riot?

Chartist ancestors

Milestones to modern democracy